The Benefits of an Automated Car Wash

To maintain the value and appearance of your vehicle, it is important to keep it washed frequently. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through an automated car wash. An automated car wash is the most environmentally safe way to wash your vehicle. It also saves water and reduces the chance of polluting ground water. Compared to washing at home, automated washes use over 100 gallons less of water. The pollutants from the vehicle and chemicals used when washing at home go directly into the ground. Auto car washes reclaimed all the water and reuse it after it has been cleaned and treated. If you are in the Phoenix area, look for an to get the best deals on cars.

Washing your car with brushes or sponges can damage the paint by grinding dirt and other debris into it. Automated car washes use high pressure water to remove the dirt before washing it to prevent scratches. An automated car site wash can also clean the underbody thoroughly unlike hand washing with a hose. It is best to wash your vehicle weekly to help prevent rust and corrosion. Automatic car washes save time and money. many companies offer discounts for frequent customers. For businesses, it is much cheaper to use automatic washes versus having an employee wash the vehicle.

Automatic car washes have been around for close to 80 years and the look hasn’t changed much from what you see today. These types were the ones with large rotating brushes, nozzles and pads. More recently, touchless car washes have become more popular as they are less prone to damage the vehicle’s paint. You can get Top Savings on used Audi A3 cars on CarSite.

Sponges and rags used to hand wash can eventually collect a lot of dirt and particles that will eventually damage the paint. Water hoses at home typically don’t have enough pressure to remove all the soap from the paint. A study conducted Technological University of Munich with Mercedes-Benz found that automatic washes were far better than washing at home. This study was later confirmed by the University of Texas Construction Research Center.

Mercedes conducted the test on two identical new vehicles that were coated in the exact same heavy dirt mixture. A total of 25 washes were done on each vehicle. One vehicle was washed by a group of participants by hand who were able to use the products of their choice. The participants didn’t know the purpose of the wash. The other vehicle was washed in an automatic Car Leasing. The hand washed vehicle showed signs of scratches and had a sandpaper effect. Approximately 10% of the paint’s depth was penetrated. The automatic car wash showed no signs of damage or penetration using the exact same magnifying glass. The paint’s original shine was up to 700% better on the car washed in an automatic car washed compared to the hand washed vehicle. The test also confirmed that garden hoses were unable to remove the residue left behind by the soaps.