Looking to rent a car in Singapore? Consider the below stated factors

A rental car deal has weightage only when it offers better opportunities to the one who is renting a car. The car deal should be taking care of the comfort, safety, pricing, insurance policy which covers the car. Luxury car rental offers a lot many benefits to the user. Nothing can beat the experience of having your own set of wheels when you are out for vacation. You do not have to surrender to the cramped confines of crowded buses. There is also no need to surrender to any public transport means. But, it is not easy to rent a car Singapore as that entails to surprising speed bumps to the confusing rental contracts. One needs to understand fine prints of the contract and be familiar with the road rules. For those who want to rent a car overseas, things are more difficult for them. If you wish to avoid the headache of car rental and are looking to get maximum out of your bucks, follow the tips stated in this section and the relevant factors to consider before renting a car.

Top 4 factors to renting a car in Singapore

Renters can enjoy ample benefits when they rent a car. There is no need to make purchase of a car or pay upfront cost. But the ones who have no prior experience of renting a car, they will be intimidated. The following four factors should be considered:

  • Comfort and amenities you get while renting the car comes first. The type of luxury vehicle you choose for your trip must have all the amenities you are looking for. If you have baby and elderly people traveling, you must look for baby seats and seats for elders. It is better to ask for such facilities beforehand. You need to take care of comfort features under any cost. Apart from this, you can enquire about air conditioner, temperature control mechanism, music system and others. Do consider your needs here.
  • Your safety holds the utmost importance when you are renting a car. The one looking to rent a car must not be just obsessed by the amenities or comfort features in the car but also look for safety features. Look for a car which offers higher level of safety. Things like automated door, braking system and proper fire extinguisher can enhance the level of safety. The doors must facilitate easy access and exit to the car. It is important to take care of such elements. Such factors should be considered when you are renting a luxury car.
  • Pricing is another factor. You can snatch the best deals if you are careful. There are many car rental companies that offer cars on rent. Just compare the rates. To reduce the price of car rental, you may look for a car which carries less of amenities.
  • Look for insurance coverage over the car rental. With car rental insurance, you may avoid harrowing and difficult situations. Some of the insurance policies you may consider are Personal insurance policy and Collision Damage Waiver.

Tips to car rental in Singapore

To rent a car for your next trip, you may follow the below tips:

  • Book your luxurious car in advance. If it is international car rental, you must book in advance. If booking is done 1 week before, you will be able to negotiate over any potential obstacle. By booking in advance, you will most likely get the vehicle you want. There will be less of hidden clauses to be encountered. In case the reservation is done a month before, call up the service provider a day before the trip. This will help in verifying if the car will be available at the pickup location or not. Prior to reserving a car, check out the rental charges at the last minute.
  • As the gas prices rise up day by day and certain locations boast staggering fuel fees, you need to determine how much fuel will be required during the trip. This will help you in budgeting. You may use trip calculator to find the intended route in the map. Add up the local fuel cost and also the gas mileage of the car. It is better if you consider re-filling the tank at the end of the journey. This will bring about huge savings.
  • Know one thing that in the car rental industry, if you rent a car for long term, you will have to pay less charge. But, la carte one-day rental charge will be more. To ease the burden of your pocket, you may book your vehicle for a week’s time. If the vehicle is needed for a long time, go for the leasing option.
  • The ones who are booking for overseas, they must find out if the driver’s permit is needed. For example, the one who is traveling to America will be requiring driver’s license. One will require International Driving Permit which functions just like a usual license. Here the IDP can be procured by submitting two attested passport sized photos and other documents.
  • Even if one is a careful driver who has a great track record in driving, it is worth investigating insurance options. Prior to hitting the roads, it is better to check the insurance. Your home auto insurance policy will not be covering overseas rental. Thus, an apt alternative will be needed. Have a look at the basic agreement and learn about the coverage offered. There are many companies who just confuse the customers with a lot many insurance options with minimum coverage. If the policy includes rental car, get to know the extent till which coverage is offered.
  • Do you want convertible or camper? Car or vehicle for the trip must be chosen as per the needs. Do not go for cheapest car since that can spoil your entire vacation. Here good fuel mileage is the key. You may book a fuel efficient car and a luxurious one carrying more amenities. Such a vehicle will surely offer you an enjoyable trip.
  • Acquaint yourself with the local law and local road rules before finding a car. Some of the nations have traffic conventions that are simply unique. Get to know about the road layout, the street signs and such elements.
  • What are the safest routes? All across the world, car crashes are common, leading to deaths. Different traffic rules, unfamiliar roads are to be blamed for such accidents. Learn about the safest routes that may be followed. If you want, you may look the map online or download it. A co-pilot can help find safer routes.
  • Major car rental companies have their braches scattered all across the different cities. Try and vet multiple companies and then search for suitable deals. Shop around for prices and enjoy huge savings. Call up the companies to learn about the rebates and weekend specials.

Renters must necessarily keep the above factors in their mind before renting a car. For a safe, comfortable and luxurious ride, you must implement the above mentioned factors. Bizlink car rental Singapore is a fabulous way to capitalize on cheap car deals as it can offer you best options. Car rental is a suitable option for the ones looking to drive luxurious cars.