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Why Anabolic Steroids are Illegal

Anabolic steroids are medical drugs used to treat chronic medical conditions which wastes or decrease the muscles and tissue index, such as aids or cancer. Anabolic steroids help build up these wasted muscles however, due to this ability anabolic steroids are often abused by athletes especially body builders to gain unfair advantage over their opponents. When athletes use steroids’ without a doctor’s prescription, it becomes illicit use of steroids.

One of the main reason anabolic steroids are illegal is due to the fact that they have adverse side effects. Only a doctor can prescribe legal steroids and any individual caught using illicit steroids will face consequences by the law. The minimum punishment for taking steroids’ illegally is $1000 fine as well as one year in prison.

Side Effects of Steroids

Anabolic steroids are basically synthetic version of testosterones, a hormone produced by both male and females to develop secondary sex characteristics. So, when you take steroids, it off-sets the hormonal balance in your body and results in dangerous side effects. Side effects of steroids are vary from men to women.

Side Effects In Men

The use anabolic steroids merely to enhance muscles results in the following side effects in men.

  • They develop secondary female sex characteristics such as the development of breasts in men.
  • They experience painful erections.
  • The size of the testicles shrink
  • They have decreased sperm count
  • There is a good chance that they may become impotent.

Side Effects in Women

Not only men, but female athletes also abuse anabolic steroids for various reasons. The use of anabolic steroids results in the following side effects in women.

  • They develop secondary male characteristics such as excessive facial hair.
  • Their voices become heavy and husky like men.
  • They also experience irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Reduction in breast size
  • The clitoris becomes enlarged
  • In some case, if a pregnant women takes anabolic steroids, a female fetus in the womb develops permanent masculine characteristics.

Sid Effects in Both

Besides these side effects, there are some effects which happens in both men and women such as.

  • High cholesterol level
  • Enlarged heart which can cause heart attack
  • There is a great risk of developing liver disease and liver cancer
  • They experience skin problems such as oily scalp and excessive acne on face
  • Their skin becomes yellow that is the development of jaundice
  • Insatiable mental health, they experience frequent mood swings and fly into rage fits.
  • In some cases, they also suffer from delusions.