Are We Neglecting To Learn Quran With Tajweed?

Listening to the Qur’an has a deep effect on our hearts. We feel Quran even more if we listen to it with the Tajweed rules. All Muslims recite the Qur’an but not all of them know reciting the Qur’an correctly. Proper recitation means observing the rules of recitation. It is also obligatory for each and every Muslim that whenever he/she recites the Qur’an, recite it properly.

Need of Tajweed

We are neglecting to learn Quran with Tajweed. Tajweed is all about bringing proficiency in our recitation. When we apply Tajweed rules to the Qur’an, it means we are fulfilling the rights of every letter of the Qur’an. It is very important to observe the rules of recitation. And we can do it by observing the important characteristics of each letter. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught his companions all the rules of recitation so we all should also Learn Quran with Tajweed.

We can learn Quran online to learn the science of tajweed and also pass it from generation to generation. So it is now upon us to learn the rules of Tajweed for reciting the Quran in the way it was supposed to recite. At the time of the Prophet (PBUH) the companions heard the Prophet and then followed the recitation. When the Islam was spread to the non-Arabs, the people made the mistakes in Qur’an recitation. So there was a need to learn the rules of recitation. Now, online Quran learning is very popular so the non Arabs can learn Quran online to study Tajweed.

Taking The Quran Recitation Serious

Quran contains the divine words so we should take its recitation seriously. The main purpose is to protect the recitation from mistakes and also make the reciter proficient in reciting the Qur’an. So if you don’t know the attributes of each letter, the meaning of the words in Qur’an may change. We are neglecting this issue.

The Ruling of Tajweed

Learning Quran with Tajweed is a duty of all Muslims. In order to avoid major or clear mistakes, we should learn Tajweed. Reading Quran in wrong way is a sin. We have the facility of learning Tajweed, so we should avail this facility and learn reading Quran in right way. Learning Tajweed is also possible on the internet. The online classes of Tajweed can help you keep away from making the major mistakes in reciting the Qur’an.

There are two types of mistakes that we can make while reciting Quran. One is the clear mistakes and the other is the hidden mistakes. Tajweed helps us in avoiding these two types of mistakes. The clear mistakes change the meanings of the verses. So, it is very important to study Tajweed rules in more detail. We should be serious in this matter because it is our religious duty.

The right manner to read the Quran is to recite it in slow, measured, and rhythmic tones. We all wish to recite Quran with beautiful voice, learning Tajweed is important.


Why should you avoid chemical pesticides?

Pesticides and agrochemicals, when all is said in done, turned into a vital segment of overall horticulture frameworks amid the most recent century, taking into account a detectable increment in trim yields and nourishment generation. In any case, the exponentially developing human populace additionally focuses on the requirement for upgrading quality food creation. This need is disturbed by clashes that deaden sustenance generation and disjoin a large number of outcasts and, together with the impacts of atmosphere changes on agribusiness, decline shortage of nourishment in numerous districts and call for recharged efforts in nourishment creation. So we have to take care about the food and plants protection against chemical pesticides in order to live a healthy lives.

Harmful effects of chemical pesticides

  • Effects of environment

Chemical pesticides are known to contaminate the earth. While their expected impacts are frequently brief, thinks about have demonstrated that chemical pesticides wait in the environment, the ground and in our conduits long after the activity is finished. Synthetic compounds have been utilized on fields over the world for very nearly 100 years, making a development of antagonistic contamination in our condition, which keeps on developing with each application.

  • Crops and soil got effected

At the point when agriculturists or farmers over the world started to depend on concoction pesticides, an intense change in soil wellbeing took after. At the point when the strength of soil is imperiled, the nutritious estimation of the sustenance it yields is endangered too.

Chemical pesticides not just exhaust the dietary estimation of our sustenance, yet they likewise debase or contaminate it. Research has reliably discovered pesticide deposits in 33% of sustenance, including apples, child nourishment, bread, grain bars, new salmon, lemons, lettuces, peaches, nectarines, potatoes, and strawberries. While pesticides are intended to slaughter living creatures, they are absolutely not intended to enter our bodies.

  • Effects on human health

Research has connected introduction to pesticides to the expanded nearness of neurological issue, Parkinson’s malady, youth leukemia, lymphoma, asthma and the sky is the limit from there. Advancing to natural anti-agents is a coherent advance to conceivably help decrease the odds of malady or infection increasing speed.

Leftovers of pesticides have been found in the circulatory system of specific kinds of tumor sufferers.

  • Pollution

Pesticides are effectively followed inside by you, your youngsters or your pets, and from that point, they can be consumed into your body through your skin or lungs. It’s unnerving to believe that you could be taking in the simple chemical compounds used to influence grass to develop or murder bugs, while you are sitting during supper or sleeping soundly in bed.

The challenge of nourishment security is given guaranteed that all individuals approach enough food to have beneficial existences, however an expansive piece of nourishment security is guaranteeing the food is protected from a substance, physical or natural angle. There are various different parts of nourishment security. In this article we have talked about a couple of the more noticeable, including the impacts of environmental change on edit creation, the impact of non-renewable energy source reliance on the import and fare of nourishment, the loss of numerous lines of plant and creature sustenance stock, and additionally the effect of the utilization of nourishment products to deliver biofuels. Also the effects of chemical pesticides and why should our food be protected against then and promote natural basis.