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Ever wondered how bail really works? The bail process can be a confusing topic and can be expensive. If you ever get arrested or know someone that does, here are three frequently asked questions that may help you.

What is a Bail Bond?

Bail is the money required by the court for someone to get out of a jail. It ensures that the defendant will return to court for any remaining hearings. However, bail bonds Allentown PA are agreements between a bail agent and the court that allow defendants to only pay a small amount of the bail. However, if they don’t show up to court, they are required to pay all of the money.

How Do You Get a Bail Bond?

After someone is arrested, the judge determines the amount of the bail. Until the trial, the defendant is presumed innocent, allowing them to leave jail by paying bail or getting a bail bond.

Luckily, the process happens quickly. After calling and asking some questions, the bail agent can send the bond to the jail. Once the bond is delivered, the defendant can be released. The defendant must show up for the trial, or they must pay the bail in full.

How Much is Bail?

The bail amount depends of the crime, age and criminal history of the defendant. Some bails are higher due to the increased risk of letting the defendant go, and some crimes such as murder may not even allow one to have a bail.

There are a few ways that bail can be lowered. House arrest, an electronic monitoring device or voluntary rehab can be factors that the judge can incorporate when deciding how high the bail will be. Especially for those with higher felonies, this may be the best way to lower the cost. However, bail bonds can significantly decrease the amount a defendant pays.

With these three frequently asked questions in mind, you can navigate the maze of bail bonds with ease.

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