Clairvoyant or Psychic?

Some people who consider themselves to be in touch with their supernatural or spiritual sides put their trust in the hands of psychics or clairvoyants. Many people claim to have a sixth sense or some other way to perceive knowledge in the world around them, and this is how to tell the difference between these two types of supernatural mediums.


Clairvoyance is typically used in a more religious or spiritual context than terms like “psychic”. Clairvoyants claim to have the ability to tap into a kind of extrasensory perception, or ESP, that other people cannot. A clairvoyant Temecula uses this ability to either see the future, see the past, or see events in the present that are taking place far away. Clairvoyance is a prevalent form of knowledge in the religion of Jainism, and many Christian saints were also said to have this kind of supernatural ability.


Psychic is a more generally used term than clairvoyant. The claims of psychics are very similar to the claims of clairvoyants, but psychics are often presented as entertainers rather than people with a real connection to the supernatural. However, many psychics do claim to have ESP or a sixth sense like clairvoyants. If you are searching for an experience that emphasizes fun over a serious sense of spirituality, visiting a psychic will do more for you than visiting a clairvoyant.

Psychic and clairvoyant abilities have been met with serious scrutiny from the scientific community, and there is no scientific evidence to prove the existence of extrasensory perception skills. For this reason, take everything you hear from these people with a grain of salt. However, if you truly believe in the power of psychics, or you have a religious backing for believing, then it is up to you which clairvoyants or psychics you believe in.

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